Cristina Lizzul is an Italian-American Actress and singer/songwriter born in San Diego, CA and raised in Naples, Italy. Cristina grew up in a wholly bi-lingual, bi-cultural and trans-continental environment that brought her to work as an actress on film and  stage in the USA and in Italy.

Cristina has worked on international feature films, short films and theatre in leading and supporting roles such as:  "Lemonheads" "Subject 0- Shattered Memories" "Righteousness" as well an experimental tv film directed by Francis Ford Coppola "Distant Vision."

Cristina released her first EP "Percipience" available on every digital streaming platform (Soundcloud, itunes, Spotify, tidal)  Her sound can be defined as a sultry R&B/Soul accompanied by some elements of Jazz and electronic music, she is currently working on her debut album.

Cristina Lizzul is based in Los Angeles and Italy.