Cristina Lizzul is an Italian-American actress, born in the city of Vista in San Diego County, California, to Dan Lizzul, an Italian-American U.S. Marine Corps officer and attorney born in the Bronx, and Maria Nasti, a 110% Napoletana from Naples, Italy. As a result of her dad’s military orders, Cristina left California as an infant and spent her childhood in Arlington, Virginia, up until the age of 4 and, thereafter, in Naples. Accordingly, Cristina grew up within an environment that was wholly bi-lingual, bi-cultural, and bi- and trans- continental. Cristina started her acting career in theater in Naples, Italy at a very young age in NATO-, Italian middle school-, and Italian local-theater- productions. Soon afterwards at the age of 11, she made her debut in film, also in Naples, in the Italian psycho-horror movie, Look In (titled La Prigione Oscura (The Obscure Prison) in Italian). Her interest in the performing arts thus piqued, Cristina embarked on a program of study of the art of acting in both Los Angeles and Naples. Eventually, her acting studies would take her to Rome, Milan, and New York… and finally back to Los Angeles again. From 2008 to 2012, Cristina spent the summers studying acting at the Young Performers’ Studio (YPS) in Los Angeles and, during the rest of the year, back in Italy learning the art of film- and theater- performance at La Scuola di Cinema di Napoli and at Teatro Diana. In 2012-2013, Cristina studied at Italian director/actor Sergio Rubini’s Factotum Art acting workshop in Milan. Rubini and Italian screenwriter/director/actor Giovanni Veronesi were the workshop’s primary instructors. In 2013-2014, Cristina studied at the Studio Cinema Movie Machine in Rome under the tutelage of Italian cinema luminaries such as Giancarlo Giannini, Laura Morante, Ivano De Matteo, and others. Finally, in 2014 Cristina moved back to the U.S., studying in New York with members of the highly acclaimed Actor’s Studio, Con Horgan and Mihaela Mihut, as well as at James Franco’s Studio 4 (built on the foundation of the Meisner Technique), among others. In early 2015, Cristina moved to Los Angeles where she studied under Steve Snyder and Leo Rossi Labs. During and in between her studies in the performing arts in Italy and the U.S., Cristina performed in numerous short films. At age 17, she booked the lead female role in the Italian feature thriller, Righteousness, directed by Attilio Lambiase and Mauro Paolucci. Her recent credits include the feature film Subject 0: Shattered Memories, directed by Tiziano Cella in Italy (but filmed in English) and Lemonheads, written and directed by Dawson Doupé in Seattle. These three features are scheduled to be released in late 2015, early 2016. Cristina currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she continues to work on her craft as a student at The Los Angeles Film School and as a member of The Underground Theatre Company in Hollywood. She has dual citizenship, which enhances her ability to travel between the U.S. and Italy for work. Cristina is currently represented by Del Fuego Management in Milan, Italy.